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Nuestra Escuela National Education Program for Teacher Training

Nuestra Escuela is a federal initiative that proposes to every teacher in-service along the country, free universal training and updating. The program has been entirely funded by the National State, depending on the Ministry of National Education. Our task in this program was based on the development and constant updating (over a three-year period) of the Digital Resource Bank (Banco de Recursos Digitales). It provides bibliographic information and educational documentation necessary for teachers to be trained across the country. On a daily basis, we worked together with the National Institute of Teaching Education team, as well as with the design team responsible for the development of visual identity and image of the project.


Resposive Web Application > Standalone CD Version

We faced the challenge of having to build a responsive web application that was able to work on a desktop browser, but also on a standalone -and offline- CD version.